Smeet Gala

"Smeet has always been an entrepreneur at heart. He comes from a generation of highly successful entrepreneurs and has picked his own pursuit with WorkAmp. Smeet pursued production engineering from VJTI and came up with WorkAmp in the third year of his engineering journey.

He has a massive interest in human psychology and their interaction with physical spaces. He has the unique ability to bring the 'bell curve' and the 'marketing-sales funnel' into almost any conversation. With a strong managerial knack, he is strong about company cultures and building an organization that can scale seamlessly.

He is spiritually inclined and loves listening to Eckhart Tolle and Vsauce.

Smeet plays the keyboard, watches a whole variety of TV shows with his favorites being Suits and Sherlock. "

Rohit Jaithliya

"Rohit Jaithliya is the Finance Lead at Workamp. He leads financial planning and analysis and ensures business decisions are backed by a sound financial calculation.

He provides data driven analytics and financial insights to support the CEO in growth and strategy.

He is a Chartered Accountant by profession and holds a bachelors degree in commerce from Mumbai University.

He brings in with him 3 years of consultation experience, with PwC, in the assurance line of service.

You can find him playing table tennis at Workamp HQ and outside work he is either busy entertaining his friends and family or getting entertained by his dog."

Akshay Lalchandani

"Akshay Lalchandani is the Business Lead at Workamp. He is responsible for prospecting, outreaching and generating mid-size and large company leads in the market.

He assists the CEO in building valuable partnerships, location expansion and growth strategy. He does anything and everything that is critical to the organisation at that given point of time.

He has done his bachelors in computer engineering from Mumbai University. He comes with an entrepreneurial experience of running 2 start-ups.

He loves to travel and eat and even more so, travel to eat."

Roland Dcruz

"Roland is the Community Lead at WorkAmp where his primary focus is member experience. Previously he worked as Head of Operations & Community for Rise Mumbai which is the only Barclays (London) FinTech accelerator in India. Fresh out of college he started his career with Executive Ship Management (Singapore ), where he was responsible for recruitment of seafarers for Foreign going maritime vessels & strategy.

But the most he enjoyed was his 6 years stint for Candies, a popular Mumbai based chain of restaurants where he was in charge of Business & customer delight for the chain. Under his watch the chain grew & fine tuned their operations while adding elements of hospitality to their repertoire.

That is where he found his calling that he is the happiest in roles that allows him mass interaction with varied people on daily basis.

Roland is a true bred Bombay boy, completed his Masters from University of Mumbai & lives in the city by himself, where his family who are based in Singapore drop by every quarter, to spend time with him. In his free time Roland mentors young collegians on entrepreneurship & life in general. He is an average guitarist but a voracious reader. His favourite companions are his deadlift partners & running buddies."

Santosh Vanjari

"Santosh Vanjari is a Real Estate and Telecom professional with 23 years of experience in corporate real estate, pan India level.

He has site acquistion experience in the telecom industry, acting as a catalyst in both tenant and landlord representation and is instrumental in closing real estate transactions at WorkAmp.

This is truly his second passion, the first being food. "

Ashish Soomaney

"Ashish looks at member acquisition for WorkAmp. He has completed his Masters degree in business and accounting from Monash University, Melbourne and has been working in sales ever since. His favorite part about the job is being able to meet new people on a daily basis.

When not heavily socializing, you will usually find him binge-watching a Netflix series in his free time.


Aishwarya Ganji

"Aishwarya is part of the Business Development vertical, where she is responsible for hacking WorkAmp's growth by rapid and efficient experimentation of core and ancillary business services; that lead to targeted growth. Her non-technical degree in English Literature from Mumbai University and teaching experience in the past allows her to think unconventionally and add newer perspectives to any given situation.

On Sundays, you can find her at a quaint cafe reading books on Philosophy and sipping on Iced tea.


Sharon Mathew

"Sharon focuses on lead generation and branding via digital platforms while being a part of the Marketing vertical. She holds a Bachelors degree in Business Administration and her newly found career includes stints in digital and content marketing for startups. Outside the workplace, she likes to write and travel. "

Urvi Kataria

"Urvi is a Design Associate at WorkAmp. She overlooks the aesthetics bit of the company. From designing a space to branding of a company, she takes care of whatever falls under her scope. She graduated in Interior Design from Birmingham City University and has an experience of more than a year in the design industry. Apart from designing, she loves to travel and attend concerts. On some days, she likes to entertain her colleagues by impersonating celebs and throwing random Bollywood references. "

Pravin Salunkhe

"Pravin has done his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science in 2012. He has previously worked with Chittranjan Estate Private Limited as civil site in-charge and admin department supervisor. Apart from getting on top of tasks and just getting things done, he likes to travel and listen to music."