is a roadblock
to productivity -
Here’s how
you can beat it!

We’ve all been there: That eternity when everything from the shape of the water-cooler to the post-its’ on your desk grab your attention, and every topic has your interest, except work!

Procrastination is no specialized problem, but an issue born out of modern lifestyles and work settings characterized by working out of our laptops. A WhatsApp here, an Insta DM there, a random mail, a Facebook ping and before we know it, it’s past lunch. We’ll tell you some ways to beat back the P-word and get things done!

Remember the 2-minute rule –
The rule is simple: If a task takes less than 2 minutes, do it now. This could be a weekly mail after your team’s Monday morning conference-call. It could be a list of deliverables a certain department has to finish up by Friday. It could even be a daily ritual where you write out your to-do list. The idea behind this is to allow what I’d call ‘strategic persistence’ for just 2 minutes each day, to grow into a larger routine that eliminates the need for a reminder.

Change your environment –
This applies to anyone stuck in a rut between seemingly endless work, especially a freelancer. Considering the portability of our machines, it is important to take advantage of the luxury of changing our environment when needed. Clean up your room, work by the window, or on the dinner table, on your porch (or balcony), atop a bean-bag, or work on your feet. Sitting in the same spot for hours can reinforce the idea that work is going nowhere.

Take breaks! –
If you work a desk job for 8 hours a day at the office, remember that your concentration has a limit too. Taking regular breaks to walk around, get yourself a cuppa, catch up on each other’s progress, can help hugely in recharging your batteries between tackling tasks. In fact, the Philippines has turned this into law for over a year!

Try chunking -
Despite popular opinion, multi-tasking can reduce overall efficiency. Breaking a larger objective into small chunks allows you to tackle the smallest, easiest ones first. That way, when you reach the hardest part, you’ve got momentum driving you forward!

To summarize, just try out the above moves which work for you. Just don’t plan to do them ‘later’!


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