A community cafeteria with every element of the outdoors. Peace, food and nature blended with your work intervals.


Get a dedicated desk that holds all you need to get your work done. Or choose our common area for a safe, tidy spot to wake up to in the morning.


A full sized cabin space for you and your team. Inclusive of amenities you would expect in an ideal office, hidden perks and the benefits common to workspaces and common areas.

Cocoon Desks

A space enclosed from three sides, ergonomically built to create a sense of isolation. A high focus, distraction free space

Locker Room

Real co-working demands space for both your time and your security. This is why we have locker rooms for each of our members to safely deposit their importants and have full access to what they need, when they need it.

Zen Zone

Need a change of setting to create that perfect presentation? Slip into a hammock with your laptop. Or enter our zen zones if you need a space to be away from the buzz; to meditate, recollect yourself and be refreshed.

Board Room

A board room located at the base of our headquarters lets you organize events, schedule meetings, etc.

Dedicated Desks

Gives you a sense of ownershp over a desk. Feel comfortable and active at the same time.


We do not believe that efficient work requires a table and a chair. Lay on our 2000 sq feet hammock above the outdoor cafe if that what work means to you.