We celebrated ‘Nutella Day’ at WorkAmp recently, bringing together our community for an event in which all Nutella-lovers can come together to relax after work and talk with other members of WorkAmp. We at WorkAmp always put the satisfaction of our employees first and make sure that they feel satisfied and energized at work so that they can achieve maximum productivity.

We got 10 jars of Nutella poured over a huge bowl to serve everyone. Along with that, we had marshmallows, Krack Jack biscuits,  muffins, bananas and many other food items to dip in the nutella spread for eating. More than thirty people gathered in the cafeteria together to attend the event and enjoy Nutella with their coworkers amidst long talks and lots of laughter. Sitting on our long tables in the cafeteria, everyone experimented with the Nutella spread, trying out its taste with various kinds of food items. One unique discovery of the day for everyone was how good Cafe Latte tastes with Nutella.

On this day, let’s also discuss a few things about the Nutella spread. Nutella spread was a post World War II treat, invented in a time of cocoa shortages all across the globe. Its father company is Ferrero which also owns Kinder, Ferrero Rocher, and Tic Tac. The paste began as a chocolate brick when, in 1946, a pastry maker named Pietro Ferrero created literally a chocolate-and-hazelnut loaf that could be sliced and laid on bread.

It became the first and core product of the Ferrero company, founded the same year. It went through one more transformation – called SuperCrema – before the founder’s son, Michele, fiddled with the recipe and reinvented the legendary brand in 1964 that has resonated as Nutella for the past five decades.

We could feel the place brimming with energy and enthusiasm at the end of the event with everyone’s stomach filled with food and happiness. A lot of demands were also made by our members for a relaunch of a Nutella day. Hopefully, we’ll have more of such events at WorkAmp in order to bring together our community. This event offered a much-needed respite to our members after a hard day at work and also provided them with the fuel to re-energize. Not an ounce of Nutella was left at the end of the day, providing sufficient proof yet again of how universally loved this spread is.

Here are a few recipes on how to best use Nutella in cookies, cheesecakes and countless other food dishes.


Comedy Weekend at WorkAmp 59, Thane.

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