WorkAmp started its operations in June 2016 with the intention of providing the ideal office to freelancers and start-ups, which is why our first work space in Thane is vibrant and casual-toned. Over the period of 17 months, we came to the realization that our target audience was niche and to approach a broader market, we had to make our spaces sophisticated, minimalist and simple; a space that not only attracts a niche crowd but every segment of the industry. This change is visible in our newest centre, ‘WorkAmp Estate’ in Andheri.

3 ft dedicated desks

The interiors at Estate are vastly different. It comprises of grey walls, wooden tables with black metal legs and black chairs with neck-rests -an interior which appeals to every individual. The idea is to provide you the perfect base so when you bring in your organization, you set your own culture.


The three core focus areas at WorkAmp are psychology in space design, hospitality and bespoke offices. Hospitality at Estate includes 24*7 security, housekeeping services for 12 hours a day, seven types of tea & coffee, fresh fruit infused water, weekend breakfasts and regular events. Estate is designed with flexible cabins wherein you can reduce or increase the size of the cabins, based on the amount of space you require. Customisation is our key feature. You can personalize any element of the cabin including the flooring to make it your space till it adheres to our basic design and feel. From the style to the size of the desks, you choose it all.

We truly believe in psychology in space design. We’ve upgraded our studio cocoons and created the exclusive hexagonal cocoon which is covered on five sides, blocking your audio and visual distractions so you can focus on your deep work. The hexagonal cocoon gives you the desk space of 4 desks to do four different types of work. We also modified the 3 x 2 ft desks into a 4 x 2.5 ft with sleek minimalistic partition between two desks understanding there’s a certain amount of crowd that would require a larger desk space. If you’re a professional looking for a bigger space to work out of, we’ve got you covered.

hexagonal cocoons

Apart from the psychology in space design and the bespoke features, the fun element is essential in a co-working space. If you were to ask us about our favourite part of Estate, it would be the Swing conference, a relaxed alternative to formal meeting rooms, located in the 2000 sq ft terrace garden.

swing conference table

Looking for a workspace in Andheri? We’d be ecstatic to show you around.  Book your tour here.

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