Coworking has become the new norm for the new growing and expanding companies. With new spaces opening up every day and established ones expanding, the Coworking revolution is in full swing. And with remote work becoming a popular perk, there is no sign of slowing down. However, there’s a lot of misinformation floating around about this new means of working remotely, preventing employees and founders alike from realizing their full potential. Here are a few myths that could not be more false –

It’s only for freelancers

Coworking may feel like it’s only for those people who are their own boss. After all, the freedom to come and go as you please is only for budding entrepreneurs and startup founders, right? Nope, Coworking spaces have become a hub for small companies and large companies alike, providing the space they need at a fraction of the cost of a dedicated office space. Also big companies need flexibility in their office space in the scenario where they need to expand or contract the number of employees, and only Coworking spaces offer them this kind of flexibility.

You can only find coworking spaces in metropolitan cities

While places like Mumbai, Gurgaon, and Bangalore are flushed with coworking spaces, Coworking spaces are spreading across India faster than ever. If you don’t think your town has a coworking space near you, check again.

Coworking spaces are too distracting because of other people

Yes, coworking spaces are filled with like-minded entrepreneurs that are hustling and bustling on a daily basis. Many might view this as a bit distracting, overwhelming, or just down right annoying. However, being surrounded by these kinds of driven people is not only good for business, as it lets you expand your network, it’s also good for your personal productivity, as you’ll be more motivated than ever by these grinding entrepreneurs. Plus, at WorkAmp, we even have Zen Zones and Cocoon Desks that provide you the necessary solitude for getting those tough projects done.

All coworking spaces are mostly similar

Whether it’s amenities, members, or location, coworking spaces vary widely from place to

place. It’s always important to research before you make a commitment. If you value a low price, there’s a coworking space for you. If you want more space for the growth of your company, you’ll be able to find somewhere to accommodate you. If you’re interested in a space that is committed to social good, it’s out there; just keep looking.

These spaces are small

If you’re picturing a small office space that won’t be able to give you the resources you need to get work done, you couldn’t be more wrong. These spaces almost always have printers, scanners, high-speed internet and full air-conditioning for whatever you might need to run your business. Plus, if free coffee is a necessity, there are a few spaces that provide it at no extra cost. At WorkAmp, we provide our members with free tea and coffee along with Paperboat drinks and Red Bull to keep them energized.

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