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We’re having a Stand-Up Comedy night here at WorkAmp on 20th May from 7:30 PM onwards. Our hosts for the evening are comedians Sonali Thakker and Siddharth Dudeja, whereas our lead performer for the evening is going to be the talented and experienced stand-up comedian as well as a magician – Karan Chauhan.

This show is free of cost for every member of the WorkAmp community and for everyone else, the charges are a mere Rs. 250 per person. Do come to enjoy a hilarious and entertaining evening here at WorkAmp with your friends and family. Here is a brief write up on our stars for the event.



Part-time stock-broker, full-time Gujju and weekend comedienne, Sonali Thakker is the biggest threat to the dumb blonde theory. Covering socially relevant topics such as traveling, shopping and chapri giri, Sonali’s stand-up is powerful, always funny and sometimes scary. And it has taken her to the biggest of stages including Canvas Laugh Club and NCPA. The other big love of her life is traveling as it gives her great material and is the only way she can escape from people cracking sad Gujju jokes. Surprisingly, stand-up has not increased her popularity on shaadi.com but that is okay ‘coz Sonali has been kicking ass even before women’s empowerment was a thing.



Karan Chauhan started off with magic at the young age of 16 with his inspiration being David Blaine’s Street Magic. As a shy kid and a self-learned magician, he had a tough time in his initial years. He began performing professionally from the year 2014 and won two International awards, one of which was Medal of Merlin (USA) in the very same year.

With his equal love for stand-up comedy, he chose to combine it with his magic. This helped him to design his own unique style of show – Stand up comedy – magic show. Ever since people love him for his interactive shows and his comical approach that take entertainment to another lever and sets him apart from his peers

He is not your typical magician; He is a funny guy who will lie to you and you will like it.


Siddharth Dudeja-500x325

Siddharth Dudeja is a 23-year-old graduate on a perpetual sabbatical. Between writing projects and trips to space, Duds also delivers flashed of brilliance on the stage. Having performed at major festivals and also as a part of ‘The Best in Stand-up’ he is trying to figure out what to do with the rest of his sabbatical. Siddharth talks about how school and vegetarians ruined his childhood and sometimes he talks about world peace.

Here are the links to a few videos of our excellent performers: –



Also, look up our event on BookMyShow by clicking on the link below.


Hope to see you there on the evening of 20th May!

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