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coworking and productivity

Productive coworking spaces, many assume is an oxymoron. There is equal amount of room for socializing as there is for working. This breaks all traditions of an “office space”-  a space typically meant for an employee to sit in his dedicated seat, having minimal movement and the infamous water-cooler conversations three times a day. How […]


WorkAmp started its operations in June 2016 with the intention of providing the ideal office to freelancers and start-ups, which is why our first work space in Thane is vibrant and casual-toned. Over the period of 17 months, we came to the realization that our target audience was niche and to approach a broader market, […]

work from home

Entrepreneurs work on their own – No more bosses, no morning commute, no more clocking in and out, just them and their dreams. For all the flexibility you get from being an entrepreneur, it also removes a lot of the conventional comforts of a 9 – 5 workday spent at the office: no free coffee, […]

coworking myths

Coworking has become the new norm for the new growing and expanding companies. With new spaces opening up every day and established ones expanding, the Coworking revolution is in full swing. And with remote work becoming a popular perk, there is no sign of slowing down. However, there’s a lot of misinformation floating around about […]

coworking for women

There are really few women entrepreneurs and the statistics for women working in startups show that there is a serious misrepresentation of women in this industry. Here’s why coworking spaces are the best place for women to work at: 1. Interaction with like-minded people Most women-owned businesses are sole proprietorships, which can feel isolating, especially […]



Dec 2018

We bring together our community all throughout the year with shows, workshops, and events which take place at WorkAmp. There are Comedy nights, Photography workshops, music video launch in our place all the time to provide fun and entertainment, along with knowledge and exposure to our members. Here’s a throwback to one of the biggest events at WorkAmp. […]

WorkAmp Coworking Advantages

Connections and Collaboration Collaboration is a benefit cited by many entrepreneurs who have gone this route. Coworking spaces house a multitude of industries and skill sets that can come in handy when you need assistance, and entrepreneurs are more likely to offer free or heavily discounted assistance to others in the same workplace. Also, this […]

WorkAmp Nutella Day


Dec 2018

We celebrated ‘Nutella Day’ at WorkAmp recently, bringing together our community for an event in which all Nutella-lovers can come together to relax after work and talk with other members of WorkAmp. We at WorkAmp always put the satisfaction of our employees first and make sure that they feel satisfied and energized at work so […]

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