A comprehensive and

productive workplace solution

From single desks to company HQ, we create and manage aspirational workspaces on flexible terms.


An aspirational workplace that inspires you and your employees

Thoughtful design, breakout spaces to unwind and our warm hospitality make the office aspirational for everyone to work out of.

An effective workplace solution that accelerates your growth.

Ergonomic desks, zones for collaborative and individual work, all in an office that is ready-to-move-in and fully managed.

Spaces for all team sizes


Bespoke solution for 100 -1000 employee organisations

Customise your own office space while retaining privacy, security and company culture.



Coworking solution for 1-100 employee organisations

Pick a private office or a desk and start working as early as today.


“The flexibility and agility that WorkAmp has provided 99 Pancakes while we’ve been growing has been exceptional. Our overheads have reduced and we are no longer distracted by issues such as the ‘WiFi not working’ and can focus on the important things instead.”

Olga Makarova

“The dynamic design and ease of access to facilities such as the conference rooms is what made WorkAmp an especially attractive choice. It’s great to come to office, and feel taken care of. My team not only felt energised, but also valued. WorkAmp truly had CoverFox, covered."

Devendra Rane

“WorkAmp offers professional, personalised and congenial service by its staffers. This facility has a quaint & serene ambience to it. My entire team is loving this place ever since we moved in and we plan to be around for much longer than we thought."

Shashank Sathe